Gilbert, AZ (August 23, 2018) – Footprint, LLC, a manufacturer of advanced sustainable packaging solutions and technologies, has launched U.S. based paper straw manufacturing to enable their customers to eliminate plastic straws.  Footprint’s paper straws are 100% bio-based and come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and lengths.

Footprint has already helped its customers eliminate over 8 million pounds of plastic from their packaging this year using its core technologies.  With the addition of paper straw manufacturing the amount of plastic that Footprint can enable its customers to eliminate skyrockets to over 312 million pounds of plastic.

Footprint’s paper straw manufacturing produces 27 million paper straws daily.  While this seems like a lot, U.S. consumption of paper straws is over 500 million straws per day.

Plastic and specifically single use plastic and plastic packaging has been an unrecognized problem in our environment for decades.  It has impacted the quality of our food chains and water supplies and kills an untold number of animals, fish and birds each year.  “Footprint’s mission to develop and manufacture the technologies that enable our customers to eliminate plastic remains unchanged and ever evolving so that we can address and solve our customer’s desires to do better,” says Footprint CEO Troy Swope.

Swope elaborates further to say “Most often, corporations are simply unaware that there are cost neutral options for the elimination of plastic.  To the consumer, this makes it seem like they are unwilling to address larger sustainability concerns of their customers. When in fact they simply don’t know they have sustainable and cost viable options.”

  • Footprint launches paper straw manufacturing in Gilbert, Arizona
  • Footprint will be able to produce 27 MILLION paper straws per day
  • Current plastic straw consumption in the U.S. is 500 Million per day
  • Footprint develops and manufactures the technologies that enable our customers to eliminate plastic.
  • The first paper straw production lines are located in Footprint’s newest 130,000 SF manufacturing and corporate headquarter facility in Gilbert, AZ

About Footprint
Footprint, headquartered in Gilbert, AZ, is a sustainable technology firm focused on eliminating plastics through the development and manufacturing of revolutionary technologies.  Footprint has quickly grown over the last 4 years from 6 employees to over 600 employees with manufacturing locations in Gilbert, AZ, Richburg, South Carolina, Mexicali, Mx and Shanghai, China.  Footprint has a wide range of technologies with its most notable being the 100% bio-based and compostable bowl used by Healthy Choice Brand’s new line of Power bowls and Breakfast bowls.