The Town of Gilbert is teaming up with Local First Arizona to promote sustainability efforts among Gilbert-based businesses and nonprofits. This collaboration aims to encourage these organizations to reduce their water and energy consumption, minimize solid waste generation, and adopt best management practices for stormwater management.

The Green Business Certification is a nationally recognized program that boosts businesses’ visibility and provides ongoing technical assistance to guide them in their efforts to reduce long-term utility costs as well as their energy and water use. The partnership was funded through the Council-adopted Technical Assistance program.

As part of the agreement, Local First Arizona will engage with and recruit Gilbert-based businesses to consider the benefits of certification. Businesses that participate are provided technical support as they work to complete the self-guided Green Business checklist. This certification increases visibility and drives new customers who care about supporting local and sustainable businesses.

The partnership between Gilbert’s Office of Economic Development and Local First Arizona is positioned to support certifications for up to six Gilbert businesses. From businesses just starting to go green to those looking to take their sustainability efforts to the next level, the Arizona Green Business Certification process provides businesses with expert consultations and a custom toolkit full of best practices and ideas that can positively affect their bottom line, focusing on energy consumption water conservation, waste diversion, pollution prevention, transportation emissions and stormwater and wastewater practices. Possible solutions include upgrading equipment, making buildings more energy efficient, converting landscaping to low-water-usage plants, switching to low-flow toilets, and more. Participants receive one year of support at no cost from Local First to plan and execute their projects and the certification serves for two years.

This program will enhance the Town’s Green Gilbert Business Partner program, an initiative that encourages pollution prevention, waste reduction and water use efficiency. The Town offers free evaluations of Gilbert businesses and offers guidance on implementing best practices to encourage sustainability. The Town’s staff will help work with Local First Arizona to identify Gilbert businesses that want to enhance their green business practices with the added benefit from the Green Business certification.

Gilbert businesses and nonprofits can complete the online form, sign up to participate at or email