The second round of the #GilbertTogether Business Relief Grant is now open!

Beginning Monday, February 1 through March 26, or until funds are exhausted, local businesses can apply for a relief grant through the #GilbertTogether Business Recovery Program. Qualified businesses can receive a grant of up to $35,000 based their demonstrated positive financial impact to the Town of Gilbert.

After closing the first round of relief grants in December 2020, the Gilbert business community provided feedback on the #GilbertTogether Business Recovery Program through direct communication and surveys conducted by the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce and the Gilbert Office of Economic Development. This feedback resulted in recommendations for changes to the #GilbertTogether Business Relief Grant program parameters, and these changes were authorized by the Gilbert Town Council AZCARES Subcommittee on January 14, 2021.

The eligibility criteria adjustments for the second round of the relief grant are

  • Raising the gross revenue cap to $15 million or less in Calendar Year 2019 (the previous threshold was $5 million or less)
  • Lowering the demonstrated decline threshold to 5% (the previous threshold was a 15% decline)
  • Allowing businesses to show decline in gross revenue OR gross profit
  • Changed the timeframe to show the decline to allowing applicants to show decline in any 2020 quarter as compared to the same quarter in 2019

In October 2020, the Gilbert Town Council allocated $11 million to the #GilbertTogether Business Relief Grants out of the $18 million allocated to the #GilbertTogether Business Recovery Program. Approximately 50% of the allocated relief grant funds are remaining for the second round.

The #GilbertTogether Business Relief Grants application process is administered by the Arizona Community Foundation (ACF). Interested Gilbert-based businesses can apply today through March 26, or until funding is exhausted: