Eloy, Ariz. – Gilbert has partnered with SRP to increase the community’s access to renewable energy.
The town signed a 15-year agreement to purchase 2.5 megawatts of solar energy from the Central Line Solar Plant, a brand-new solar energy facility that opened in Eloy, Arizona last month.

SRP Solar Plant 22


 Gilbert Water Resources Manager Lauren Hixson and SRP Strategic Account Manager Brian Bednar in front of the new Central Line Solar Plant in Eloy.


To put it in perspective, 2.5 megawatts represent approximately 17% of the town’s municipal energy usage. This energy is used to power things like streetlights, municipal facilities and water/wastewater treatment and delivery.

Gilbert is among 21 municipalities and organizations that will begin receiving solar power from the new 100-megawatt facility.

The town is committed to supporting sustainable energy practices and continuing to diversify and expand upon its energy portfolio to support the needs of our growing community.
This partnership with SRP is a big step forward in that commitment.

Read more about the Central Line Solar Plant on SRP’s website.