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Gilbert, Arizona is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. Gilbert’s location provides strong market access to regional assets, a highly educated workforce, and a steady talent pipeline coming from local universities, including Arizona State University named #1 in the nation for innovation. The Greater Phoenix region offers operational costs of up to 40% less than California, affordable housing, and a desired cost of living, all contributing to a great quality of life for employees.

How can Gilbert support your expansion?

Gilbert has a discretionary annual closing fund available to qualified organizations achieving performance measures that stimulate and promote industries that provide capital investment and high-wage jobs. Contact Jennifer Graves to discuss how to qualify.

From FY13 to FY17, the Gilbert OED executed seven development agreements in support of significant economic development projects using this fund. In most cases, the direct revenue and economic impact estimates are limited to ten years, though the impacts of the projects will be realized far beyond the ten year period of time. In total, Gilbert has committed $41.5 million with an estimated economic impact of $4.8 billion in return. To learn more about these projects, please view pages 35-50 of the Gilbert OED FY17 Annual Report.