The Gilbert, Arizona Office of Economic Development (OED) is committed to supporting new and expanding businesses in finding success in Gilbert. From FY13 to FY17, the OED executed seven development agreements in support of significant economic development projects. In most cases, the direct revenue and economic impact estimates are limited to ten years, though the impacts of the projects will be realized far beyond the ten year period of time. In total, Gilbert has committed $41.5 million with an estimated economic impact of $4.8 billion in return. To learn more about these projects, please view pages 35-50 of the Gilbert OED FY17 Annual Report.

Included in the seven projects is the expansion of Orbital ATK Space Systems Group, a global leader in aerospace and defense technologies, who operates the Arizona office of Civil Satellites and National Security Systems – part of the Space Systems group – in Gilbert, Arizona. In 2015, Orbital ATK expressed a need to consolidate and expand their engineering operations and explored locations in Gilbert as well as Louden County, Virginia. The new 60,000-square-foot Gilbert facility would be located at Gilbert Spectrum, adjacent to Orbital ATK’s Satellite Manufacturing Facility, one of the largest and most advanced spacecraft assembly and test facilities in the United States. With additional facilities in Chandler and Mesa, Arizona, Orbital ATK’s total footprint in the state is almost 800,000 square feet, contributing to over 1,750 high-tech and high-paying aerospace and defense jobs. The expansion plans complement Arizona’s robust aerospace and defense sector that contributes $38 billion annually to the Arizona economy and employs more than 52,000 workers.

“A major factor for Orbital ATK’s decision to expand in Gilbert is tied to the financial assistance for training given by the Town of the Gilbert,” said Rick Kettner, Orbital ATK ‘s Senior Director of the Gilbert Facility.

The Gilbert Town Council approved a development agreement with Orbital ATK to retain 236 existing jobs and add 155 qualified new jobs over the term of the agreement. Additionally, Orbital ATK will invest over $12 million of new capital in Gilbert. For this commitment, Gilbert would provide up to $1.45 million to offset development costs and support job training costs. An economic and fiscal impact analysis of the project demonstrated that Orbital ATK could create an economic impact of $703.6 million for Gilbert over the next five years, including a $239.4 million impact from the proposed expansion. Additionally, the continued operations and expansion of its Gilbert operation would directly and indirectly support an estimated 680 jobs, including the proposed 391 direct jobs, and generate $65.5 million in annual personal income in the Town.

Please note: In June of 2018, Orbital ATK was acquired by Northrop Grumman and now operates as Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems.

View the official press release regarding Orbital ATK’s 2016 expansion. 

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