Incentive Case Study: GoDaddy

CapX: $15M  |  Square-Feet: 180,480  |  Jobs: 1,364

GoDaddy, the world’s largest domain name registrar and Web hosting provider is the largest private employer in Gilbert. GoDaddy felt that their current Gilbert facility could not meet the needs of their workforce without significant improvements and began to explore alternate sites for relocation in Gilbert and adjacent cities. In order to stay at their current location, GoDaddy needed to make $15 million worth of improvements in the current facility and expand their footprint from 165,000 square-feet to occupy the entire 180,480 square-foot facility.

“There’s a wonderful sense of community in Gilbert. We’ve found a wealth of talented, customer-focused employees here and it’s worthwhile to invest in them and upgrade the facility.” said Calvin Crowder, GoDaddy Vice President of Global Real Estate.

The Gilbert Town Council approved a development agreement with GoDaddy to retain a minimum of 1,364 existing jobs, invest $15 million of new capital, and execute a new 10 year lease on 180,480 square-feet. For this commitment, GoDaddy will be reimbursed $836,000 over 10 years in support of job training costs. An economic and fiscal impact analysis of the project demonstrated that the continued and expanded operations of GoDaddy could create an economic impact of $1.53 billion for the Town of Gilbert over ten years. Additionally, the continued operations would directly and indirectly support an estimated 1,788 jobs, including the 1,364 direct jobs, and generate $80.5 million in annual personal income in the Town.

“As Gilbert’s largest employer in the technology industry, it was important for the Town to retain the nearly 1,400 existing jobs and ensure the longevity of GoDaddy’s presence in our community. We look forward to
watching this global company grow right here in Gilbert,” said Gilbert Mayor Jenn Daniels.

View the press release regarding GoDaddy’s 2017 expansion to learn more.