The Bio Huma Netics (BHN) company Vision is to “Lead the world in sustainovative solutions for environmental challenges.”  Its Mission is “Driven to improve the environment and enhance the quality of life.” Its Purpose is to “Listen, Develop, Implement.”

BHN creates and produces technologically enhanced plant nutrition and protection products, as well as soil and wastewater bioremediation products. The company was founded in Arizona in 1973 by three men who discovered a unique oxidized humate material from a mine in the northwestern United States. This material was rich in natural organic compounds and minerals that, when applied to farm soils, was found to improve soil conditions, accelerate nutrient uptake, enhance crop vigor, and increase crop yields. The company developed a proprietary process to extract organic components from this material to create a liquid carrier for other nutrients and bioactivators, which today is called Micro Carbon Technology® (MCT). This MCT base has been used to create over 90 products in product lines for agriculture (Huma Gro® and Fertilgold® Organics), golf courses and horticulture (Huma Gro® Turf), and soil and wastewater bioremediation (Probiotic Solutions®). BHN recently acquired another well-established company in New Mexico (Mesa Verde® Humates) that mines and processes natural granular humate products for use in agriculture and other industries.

Two other recent innovations include the creation of over 20 new crop nutrition products for organic farming (Fertilgold® Organics) and the development of a Precision Blending℠ technology/service that creates custom, ready to use fertilizer blends to meet the specific individual needs of conventional farmers and their crops.

In search of an educated workforce, central transportation and shipping access, support from local government, and quality of life for employees and their families BHN moved its central operations to Gilbert, Arizona in 2011. BHN management has enjoyed an excellent relationship with representatives of Gilbert government, and employees value the community services and opportunities that Gilbert provides.

A little over a year ago, BHN greatly expanded its internal research and development services (Alpha Synectics Laboratory™) by opening a new stand-alone facility, investing in additional state-of-the-art scientific instruments, and expanding staff. In addition to creating new products and monitoring quality control for existing products, Alpha Synectics Laboratory™ will soon begin offering soil and plant tissue analysis services for all commercial customers.

BHN has 85 employees, 4 facilities in the United States, and 5 facilities in other countries to support sales to about 30 countries around the world. Product sales have grown continuously over the past 10 years and—with the establishment of new product lines and the opening of new sales markets (particularly in the area of organic farming)—BHN anticipates continued growth for years to come.

BHN management and staff believe that they have a revolutionary technology that will help world agriculture and bioremediation to meet the greatest challenge of the 21st century: growing more crops on less land to feed an ever increasing population.

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