Gilbert has become a hub for growth in the financial and insurance industry sectors. Explore why Greater Phoenix, including Gilbert, is a top market choice for those businesses looking to expand or relocate. 


Companies worldwide are finding success in Gilbert, and Arizona thanks to competitive operating costs, low taxes, a diverse workforce, and Arizona’s FinTech Sandbox.

The Greater Phoenix area alone has a 70% higher concentration of finance and insurance businesses than that of the country. And Gilbert is included in that growth.

By creating a pro-business environment for companies looking to expand or relocate, Gilbert has become a hub throughout the valley for the financial and insurance industries. Additionally, Gilbert has been recognized by industry experts for its continuous supports of businesses, reducing regulatory burdens, and striving to work collaboratively with the business community.



Companies within the finance and insurance industries benefit from Arizona’s pro-business climate that includes lower operating costs, no corporate franchise tax or business inventory tax, and a highly educated workforce. 


Arizona offers the Quality Jobs Tax Credit which provides $9,000 of tax credits over three years for qualifying companies. The primary goal of this tax credit is to encourage business investment and the creation of high-quality employment opportunities across Arizona. 


Arizona’s higher education institutions provide exceptional training in the finance and insurance industries. Arizona State University, the University of Arizona, and Northern Arizona University provide a wide range of programs and collaborative partnerships that benefit the finance and insurance industry.


Gilbert, and the surrounding region, are proud to have many notable employers within the financial and insurance industry. Merril Lynch, Morgan Stanley, FBL Financial Group, and more provide ample opportunity for research and collaboration.

Finance & Insurance Industries in Gilbert

Number of Jobs in Finance and Insurance

Average Earnings Per Job

Finance and Insurance Jobs Within a 30-Minute Commute

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Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley opened a new Wealth Management office at 111 E Rivulon Boulevard in July 2018. This space expended Morgan Stanley’s Wealth Management footprint and will create over 250 new jobs over the new few years.

Merril Lynch

Merrill Lynch can be found in Gilbert, Arizona, located in Rivulon, a 4-story, master-planned, mixed-use project. Rivulon is also home to other notable employers like Deloitte, Cincinnati Insurance Company, and Isagenix. 

Notable Finance and Insurance Companies in Gilbert

Mapfre Insurance
Morgan Stanley
Amerifirst Financial
FBL Financial Group Inc
UnitedHealth Group
Bank of America

Merrill Lynch
TruWest Credit Union
ExpressOne Mortgage Corp.
Unison BankArizona Group Inc.
MidFirst Bank
Farmers Insurance

Northeast Mortgage Corp.
Vantage West Credit Union
JPMorgan Chase Bank
Wells Fargo
On Q Financial Inc


Gilbert, and Arizona, is known as a hotbed in the U.S. for the finance and insurance industries and is the sixth-largest sector in the country. Many notable companies have chosen to move to or expand into the area, where they benefit from a highly talented workforce, unbeatable quality of life, and competitive operating costs.  

Arizona’s FinTech Sandbox:

Arizona became the first state to launch the “FinTech Sandbox” in the U.S. This Regulatory Sandbox Program (RSP) eases regulatory burdens for financial service companies and allows them to test innovative products and technology in the market for up to 24 months. During this time, businesses do not need to obtain a license or other authorizations that might otherwise be required.

Higher Education:
Arizona’s higher education institutions have implemented innovative financial and insurance-focused programs. Local employers benefit from a talented and diverse workforce from Arizona State Univesity, University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University, and more local educational institutions. 

University Building in Gilbert, Arizona

How We Help Companies

Site Selection Assistance

Gilbert offers clients a pro-business environment and an array of available properties and land, including shovel-ready sites, build-to-suite, and more. Clients will receive confidential site selection assistance to ensure a smooth entrance into Gilbert and a connection to key resources.

In-Depth Market Data and Analysis

When choosing a location for your expansion or relocation, having access to necessary data is key. The Gilbert Office of Economic Development can provide necessary data on labor force, educational levels, salary information, and more.

Assistance in Growing Your Business

Gilbert is focused on fostering entrepreneurship and innovation within the community. From no-cost education and business resources to working with regional partners to build an Angel Investor Network, we’re dedicated to helping your business find success in Gilbert.

Connectivity to Key Resources

The Gilbert Office of Economic Development can assist your company in making key connections, such as workforce and training programs, local educational partners, Gilbert business leaders, and other industry-specific business resources.

“We are excited about our expansion in the Phoenix area given the diverse and talented market. This new office is central to supporting our long-term growth strategy and a testament to the investment we are making in our digital offerings and the expected growth across our Wealth Management business.”

Jaime Sobrepera

Managing Director, Wealth Management, Morgan Stanley

“We’ll have three-million square feet of office space and half a million square feet of retail. This site has the capacity to house upwards of fifteen-thousand jobs here.”

Brian Ellis

President, Nationwide Realty Investors

”Our partnership with the Town of Gilbert Office of Economic Development has been a driving force behind our expansion,” said Dan Leckelt Co-CEO. “Gilbert is a growing community with skilled and technical workers, a large supply chain, and a progressive environment that made this facility a reality.”

Dan Leckelt

Co-CEO, Silent-Aire

Finance & Insurance Announcements in Gilbert

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Lauren Conangla

Lauren Conangla

Economic Development Project Manager