Dream. Design. Deliver.

How STAX3D is leading Arizona into the future of 3D technology.

What do you get when you cross an aerospace engineer and an artist? The answer is STAX3D, an exciting full-service 3D technology solutions company located in Gilbert, Arizona. “We found that while working together, our projects combined the precision of an engineer with the (cough, cough) “creativeness” of an artist and that 3D technology beautifully captured the left and right brain into one giant tool capable of handling unique, accurate methods of design and development,” says Jason and Alisa Yocum, co-founders of STAX3D. “Our vision for the company is quite simple. STAX3D utilizes emerging technologies to innovate a pathway from your dreams to your reality.”

STAX3D opened its doors in June 2015 and quickly outgrew their first retail space. STAX3D now has two retail locations at the Chandler Fashion Center, with a business center located in Gilbert. Their goal is to open onsite, virtual and community technical centers globally.

So what can you expect when walking into a retail store? You can purchase a 3D printer, you can work with a team member to produce a prototype of your product, you can even scan your full body to create fun ornaments during the holidays. The company has even worked with the Pueblo Grande Museum to scan irreplaceable ancient artifacts.

Beyond 3D printing, STAX3D has tapped into the realms of virtual and augmented reality and is working with a number of software companies on programs and apps that will change the way we do business, as well as live our everyday lives. One such project includes a partnership with the Cummings Institute in investigating the efficacy of virtual reality in the treatment of mental illness. Read more about this project HERE.

Another unique characteristic of Stax3D is their community involvement and humanitarian efforts.  Stax3D Printing serves as advocate and superhero to those in need of prosthetics, particularly prosthetic hands for youth with 70% or so loss of use. The Yocums have been long-time Gilbert residents and are deeply involved in the community.  “It’s a great place to live, raise a family, as well as do business,” says Jason Yocum. Through the STAX Education program, STAX3D has worked closely with Gilbert Public Schools, local businesses, and non-profit organizations by providing experiences that engage, educate, and empower people of all ages. “We like to focus on creating collaborative communities that are dedicated to transforming STEM education and workforce development everywhere.”

What is on the horizon for STAX3D? Inspiring the next generation of innovate problems solvers by providing a space for STEM education, engagement, and empowerment. RoboGym is a one-of-a-kind “education play station” dedicated to providing families and community the latest in robotics, connected learning and play, 3D printing, 3D scanning, and virtual technologies. To learn more about RoboGym, visit the website.

To learn more about STAX3d, visit their website or watch this short video on how the company got started and the endless possibilities they offer.