With attractive demographics, award-winning amenities, strategically identified business incentives, and high-profile developments, Gilbert offers immediate, attainable economic opportunity for industry-leading companies.

Kapture Prefab in Gilbert

Gilbert’s current population estimate of 260,000 doubled every five years from 1980-2000. By 2030, Gilbert is expected to be fully built out, with an anticipated population of over 300,000. While Gilbert is growing to be one of the largest municipalities in Arizona, the community remains youthful and vibrant. With a median age of 33% and 67% of the population under the age of 45, Gilbert provides an abundant pipeline of talent to support the growth of business and industry.

Approximately 70% of Gilbert’s psychographic make-up consists of Up and Coming Families, Boomburbs, and Soccer Moms. Learn more about psychographic tapestry segments. These groups are characterized as being younger families with median ages in the low to mid 30’s focused on planting roots in the suburban periphery of metro areas; they are well-educated with 70% having some form on college education and over 50% having a college degree; and these groups are hard-working, with a labor force participation rate of over 70%.


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