Gilbert, AZ – Today, the City of Mesa and the Towns of Gilbert and Queen Creek announced their communities have been selected by the National League of Cities (NLC) to participate in the NLC First Tier Suburbs Economic Development Program.

Partnering with TIP Strategies, the Economic Development Program brings a nationally renowned economic development consulting firm to Mesa, Gilbert, and Queen Creek. TIP Strategies will work with stakeholders the communities identify to gather important data on small businesses and services to support them. The communities, in partnership with NLC, will host a one-day virtual economic summit in September 2020. The goal of the summit is to identify new strategies and practices for supporting small businesses, developing resiliency and promoting equity and inclusion within the Phoenix East Valley.

“In its second year, this program has helped exurb communities respond strategically to a pressing economic challenge,” NLC CEO and Executive Director Clarence E. Anthony said. “NLC is proud to offer these types of partnerships and opportunities to our members. We know how important data is to supporting municipalities in making strategic choices as well as long term planning.”

“We are pleased to be chosen for this one-of-a-kind virtual economic summit,” Mesa Mayor John Giles said. “This program will help us all identify and leverage economic strengths and opportunities as we continue to make our communities great places for our residents to live and our companies to do business.”

“Gilbert is delighted to have been selected by the National League of Cities (NLC), along with our neighbors, Mesa and Queen Creek, to participate in this collaborative summit,” Gilbert Mayor Jenn Daniels said. “This program, aimed at providing both valuable data and economic insight, will assist in supporting our vital small business community during the current economic conditions and on the road to recovery. With the support of NLC, Gilbert is looking forward to advancing resources and programs available to our small businesses.”

“We appreciate the opportunity to participate in this program through NLC,” Queen Creek Mayor Gail Barney stated. “The timing of the data is particularly important as the Town identifies ways to best focus our efforts to support current and future businesses.”

“We are proud to have had three of our communities selected by NLC. We have long known that our cities and towns are the economic drivers of Arizona,” League of Arizona Cities and Towns Executive Director Tom Belshe said, “Their success will determine how the state, and our country, rebound from the current crisis. Any program that encourages data-driven decision-making is welcome in Arizona’s municipalities.”

Media Contacts:
Town of Gilbert
Kiley Phillips
Marketing & Communications Administrator, Economic Development

City of Mesa
Kim Lofgreen
Marketing and Business Development Manager, Office of Economic Development

Town of Queen Creek
Constance Halonen-Wilson
Public Information Officer