Skin Actives aims to become the world’s largest source of growth factors and antioxidant proteins and the leading manufacturer of products containing these ingredients. This Gilbert-based company manufactures synthetic proteins that are identical to those found in the human skin. When used in personal care formulations, these ingredients promote the health of skin and hair and can also protect against pollution and other sources of stress that can cause damage.

Skin Actives, was founded by Dr. Hannah Sivak. As a biochemist her goal was to manufacture ingredients and products that would help a user regain and retain their natural beauty by using scientifically proven ingredients to safely ensure long term results. The company began in 2005 in her home, selling ingredients to home users on eBay.

Skin Actives employs a staff of 18 at their sole location in Gilbert, and is in the process of moving to a larger location to keep up with their growth. “Gilbert is a great place to live,” said Jonatan Funtowicz, Chief Business Officer of Skin Actives. “The community has always been extremely supportive of our efforts.” Their products and ingredients are sold all around the world, including China. Being located in Gilbert provides easy access to their West Coast markets and they expect to expand to the East Coast soon.

Recently Skin Actives completed a trial for their new hair product, using customers from Gilbert and around the Phoenix East Valley as participants. Click here for a sneak preview of the results. The product tested on the hair was actually the beard serum from the new Tombstone for Men line they just launched and the results have been promising.

Skin Actives is currently seeking medical research partners to help with a project looking at the use of their products to counteract damaging side effects of medical treatment on hair. They are also collecting names for a new trial of antioxidants and their anti-aging effect on the skin of users exposed to cigarette smoke. If you are interested, please visit

Dr. Sivak was featured in the Arizona Jewish Life magazine in 2017, sharing the details behind how the company got started. Read the article here:

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