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Labor Force & Employment

With a median age of 32.7 and approximately 30% of the population between the ages of 20 and 40, Gilbert’s residents are just embarking on the prolific years of their careers. In addition, Gilbert possesses a well-educated workforce with 40.9% holding a bachelor’s degree or higher, an invaluable asset to local and regional companies.

The community includes over 247,000 residents and access to a workforce of nearly one million individuals within a 30-minute commute.

Within a 30-minute commute from Gilbert:

  • 70% of the Phoenix Metropolitan area’s high tech workforce
  • 60% of the Phoenix Metropolitan area’s healthcare workforce
  • 73% of the Phoenix Metropolitan area’s engineering workforce
  • 67% of the Phoenix Metropolitan area’s advanced business services workforce


STEM Workforce
Nationally, STEM occupations in 2012 were nearly 8.6 million with a projected increase to over 9.8 million in 2025. The bulk of STEM jobs in 2025 will be in Computer Occupations (4,361,162 – 50.5%); Engineering Occupations (2,509,532 – 29.0%); Life, Physical & Social Science Occupations (967,628 – 11.2%);  and Mathematical Occupations (157,661 – 1.8%).

Source EMSI, 2017

As Gilbert’s focus is on attracting, retaining and growing jobs within the science and technology sectors,  ensuring a workforce is in place to support this growth is of utmost importance. From 2010 – 2015, Gilbert has seen a 14% growth in STEM workforce, outpacing the Phoenix metropolitan area, as a whole.


Top Employers

Employment Densities

Gilbert has four distinct employment centers which are demonstrated by the employment densities map.

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Excellence in education is essential for Gilbert’s strategic growth and of integral importance to the community’s workforce development. As a result, it is necessary to align educational curriculum with Gilbert’s industry needs to provide for tomorrow’s workforce.

Gilbert’s dense volume of educated residents boasts one of the highest concentrations of graduate and professional degrees among competing western U.S. cities, with 40.9% of residents holding a bachelor’s degree or higher, which outpaces the national average of 30.4%.

Source: ESRI, 2017


Arizona Higher Education

Opportunities in higher education and training are vital components to any organization’s success. Gilbert’s close proximity to Arizona State University’s Polytechnic campus, Chandler-Gilbert Community College, as well as over 69 other colleges, universities and technical schools within a 30-minute commute, provides multiple opportunities to establish a workforce with the appropriate skill set to advance your organization’s productivity.

The community also works closely with both Chandler-Gilbert Community College and Arizona State University to identify workforce-related educational programming specific to the needs of local businesses. Excellence in education is essential for Gilbert’s strategic growth and of integral importance to the community’s workforce development. As a result, it is necessary to align educational curriculum with Gilbert’s industry needs to provide for tomorrow’s workforce.

Arizona State University Polytechnic Campus
Arizona State University (ASU) is a tier one research university with over 250 majors for undergraduate students, as well as over 100 graduate, professional and doctoral programs. The University hosts one of the largest student populations in the United States with over 82,000 students across four campuses. The curriculum at ASU’s Polytechnic Campus focuses on engineering, aviation, math, science, technology, entrepreneurship and management. The campus is home to more than 40 degree programs with approximately 10,000 students. The 600-acre campus is adjacent to the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, one of the fastest growing commercial airport in the nation offering hands-on aviation and defense education.

Chandler Gilbert Community College
Providing higher education in the Phoenix southeast valley since 1985, Chandler-Gilbert Community College (CGCC) serves more than 17,000 students annually and offers transferability to four year degree programs.

CGCC is a leader in producing a qualified workforce through its 37 associate’s degree programs that include biomedical research technology, nursing, law enforcement, pharmacy technology and solar installation. In addition, CGCC offers strategic educational programming in aviation, information technologies, teacher education, engineering, automated manufacturing systems, electric utility, and crime and intelligence analysis.
As part of the larger, Maricopa Community Colleges system, CGCC has two campuses serving Gilbert including the Williams Campus shared with Arizona State University, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and an Air Force research laboratory.

A. T. Still University
A. T. Still University (ATSU) is a private health sciences university offering advanced medical degrees through the School of Osteopathic Medicine; School of Dentistry and Oral Health; and the School of Health Sciences. ATSU has over 1,000 students enrolled in Arizona pursuing one of 13 master’s and doctorate degrees including a doctor of dental medicine (DMD), doctorate of audiology (Au.D) and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.). ATSU is one of three medical schools in Arizona and the only dental school in the state.

Premier Education: This is Gilbert
Gilbert has a nationally ranked K–12 system through the Gilbert, Higley and Chandler public school districts. Students attending public school in Gilbert average better scores on the SAT and ACT than the state and national counterparts.

The graduation rate of Gilbert students, 85%, surpasses the Arizona graduation rate by 10%. The Gilbert Unified School District is ranked 3rd in the Public School Systems in Arizona.