With attractive demographics, award-winning amenities, strategically identified business incentives and high-profile developments, Gilbert offers immediate, attainable economic opportunity for industry-leading companies.

Age of Population

With a median age of 31.5 and 37.2% of the population between the ages of 20 and 44, Gilbert’s residents are just embarking on the prolific years of their careers.


Gilbert boasts one of the highest median incomes in the state of Arizona at $76,574 and a population of three persons per household.

Population Growth

Gilbert’s current population of 217,000 has doubled every five years since 1980. Build out is anticipated in 2030 with a population of 305,000.

Psychographic Make-up

75.8% of Gilbert’s psychographic make-up consists of Up and Coming Families and Boomburbs. Up and Coming Families include those with a median age and household income of 31.9 and $76, 135 respectively. Boomburbs include a median age of 33.8  and a median household income of $110,681.

Residential and Population Analysis Map

Residential & Population Analysis Map
Estimates and 10-Year Projections by Residential Unit Count and Population

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